About CyberCrew

CyberCrew, the Computer Club of DPS, Srinagar was founded in 2013, with an aim to provide a platform to the students of Kashmir to share and showcase their knowledge and skills. CyberCrew is famous for organizing an annual event, TechKnow, which is the only I.T. related mega-event for schools in Jammu and Kashmir. We at CyberCrew communicate using a language that only we decipher best. CyberCrew is an opportunity for all the IT fanatics of the school to take their first step towards realizing their dream of deciphering computers. The best part of it all is that we provide you with a beginning in learning IT at home i.e, in our own school.
How it all began
People say...

Ms. Arshia Malik, English Faculty
Thank you for the very informative and interactive workshop that we had. It was very useful and one more step towards making us all techno-savvy and upgraded. We felt very proud to have our students teach us.
Ms. Rabia Reyaz, Academic Incharge (XI - XII)
This is refreshing my children are my teachers. Cyber Crew is teaching me and I am on top of world. This is what keeps us going. God bless them.
Ms. Kusam Warikoo, Principal - DPS, Srinagar
Dear Crew, you all make us proud when you hold our hands and lead us to new world of technology. Thank you!

Highlights from TechKnow 2015

Fields we work in

At CyberCrew, we touch every field of I.T. and try our best to contribute something to the world of tech.