The Club

Logos School

How it all started

It all started when a proposal to start an IT club for the school by a group of tech-enthusiast students was lying on the principal’s table in October 2013.

But as it is rightly said that there’s no substitute to hard work, the founding members of the club were given a task to organize an event as to kick-start the club. The founders of the group came up with the idea of TechKnow, an I.T. festival for schools in that was the first of its kind in the state. And on the morning of 16th November 2013, the idea turned into reality and the event witnessed an overwhelming response from many schools of our valley, giving TechKnow a space on the official school calendar and became an annual event for The Club.

The following year, membership was thrown open for the students. Hundreds to students registered, but only the admirable and deserving were taken.